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Fic: McShep Happyfest - Now The People Will Know We Were Here

Now The People Will Know We Were Here, or: Everything I Know, I Learned From Heritage Minutes (artemisiabrisol: "or: The Magical Glowing Inukshuk of Manly Emotions") | PG | ~20,500

For McShep Happyfest 2008. I had serious doubts about my ability to write a fic without torturing the characters for 20,000 words.

It was hard.

But I have prevailed! I hope. Beta thanks to artemisiabrisol, mik100 and calantha42, with honourable mention to daroos, who is trapped in our house for the next two days and may by now be regretting asking us to cut her in on the crack.

This began as a completely self-indulgent excuse to bring Team Sheppard to Vancouver. Then it became a group-indulgent excuse to bring Team Sheppard, plus Torren, plus the Millers, to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, and go shopping at the HBC, and be adorable and dorky and wax poetic on how-pretty-is-my-city. (‘Cause it is.)

The title: Okay. If you grew up in Canada - or really, have watched cable in Canada for more than two hours since 1991 - you will be familiar with Heritage Minutes. If you’re not, go here, and read all about them. Heritage Minutes (officially: Historica Minutes, but nobody calls them that) are short films about Canadian history. Yeah, pretty straightforward. Some are serious, some funny, some clever, but all are a bit of a joke, because they were so very earnest. Heritage Minutes are the reason why if you yell "I smell burnt toast!" in a crowded room anywhere in the English-speaking world, any Canadians present will burst out laughing, or perhaps groan.

The logo for the 2010 Winter Olympics? Is an inukshuk. If you don’t know what an inukshuk is, I’m not going to tell you. Rather, I’ll point you here, so you can find out the same way I did. :)

(At YVR they discover the airline has lost their luggage, which sparks off a predictably venomous tirade on the subjects of corporate monopolies and nose-diving service standards and something about nostalgia for the noble red goose. John has no idea what Rodney's talking about, but he shares bemused glances with Ronon and Teyla, sticks his hands in his pockets, and watches with a little smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.)

ETA: Fanart! by artemisiabrisol of Ronon and... er. Well. *squee*

ETA2: artemisiabrisol has done it again, this time with curling.

No, that's really all I'm going to tell you.

Also, because I simply could not help myself, the Swedish Women's Hockey Team:

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