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I appeal to you, O Internet.

Once many years ago I saw a production of The Tempest where Prospero and Antonio were played by women, as women, becoming Prospera and Antonia. There is a correct theatrical term for this, but neither I, the english major, or roomie artemisiabrisol the history major can for the life of us remember what it is. We keep thinking "genderswap" which is the fandom term and hiliarious (and indicative of our disintegrating mental states) but, y'know, wrong. Google has failed me, or perhaps only my Google-fu, because it has yielded nothing.

If anyone can remember, I would be very grateful. I've been trying to remember the word for two weeks now, and now I would like to use it in my class presentation tonight and appear clever and well-researched, rather than making vague hand-gestures and looking hopefully at the professor. Anyone? *hopeful look*
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