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Ugh. *whining*

Felt a bit scratchy-throat yesterday, so started dosing with vit. C and echinacea in the hopes of killing it. Have to write an essay before Thursday, so I was desperately hoping I would not, in fact, get sick during a week when I have ridiculous amounts of homework, + a daroos coming on Wednesday, plus Hallowe'en! I can't be sick for Hallowe'en!

And so of course my body goes: "Perfect time!" And now the scratchy-throat has progressed to full on swollen-gland-ness and stuffy-nose. GOD. WTF.

And where's the nearest clinic? It's several blocks up Commercial. Which means a Skytrain trip and a walk, and I'm going to DIE. This is pretty much a cold, anyway, so it's not like there's anything they can do - though if I don't finish papers I'm going to need to go anyway to get a note. Okay. More echinacea, more C, more hatehatehate.

P.S. Now really, really not going to class today - I mean I suppose I could go to the clinic at school, but that trip just looks unachievable right now, especially since the school clinic is invariably a two-hour wait. GAH. *HATES*

*crawls back into bed*
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