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I'm going to blame this on sleep deprivation, but for some reason my LJ client chose to auto-post a post that isn't supposed to go up until next week.


Um, yes, but anyway, my Happyfest entry's done, more or less, only waiting on betas. This is possibly the furthest ahead of time I've ever finished a fic. :)

Apologies to anybody who saw it first. o.O

Went to the Parade of the Lost Souls tonight. Was bizarre, spooky, interesting, and pretty, four words that do not appear to go together, and yet. Unfortunately most of my pictures didn't really turn out, but maybe I'll try and sift out some acceptable ones for tomorrow.

And now I'm really looking forward to everyone else's Happyfest stories. I'll just have to tide myself over with artemisiabrisol whispering "magical glowing inukshuk!" at me every twenty minutes for the next week. This has not yet failed to make me flail my arms and squeal with girlish glee.

I love my fandom. ^.^
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