Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

I say again, this fandom has the BEST CRACK.

So, I believe I mentioned how Roomie A, was a Stargate fanatic long before I was, and basically brainwashed me into becoming one, as well.

Well, Roomie B lives in similar hardship. Of course calantha42 got to her years ago, before there ever was an SGA. artemisiabrisol recently suffered a relapse as she clung to the SGA DVDs, waiting out her last few months in Northern Alberta before she moved here to civilisation.

Which brought together three sci-fi fans, two with highly addictive personalities, and one who was a SHAMELESS CRACK-PEDDLER. SGA had already taken over my entire brain before artemisiabrisol showed up, and now we just enable each other constantly. As little as a few months ago I, for instance, used to refuse to write AU with the argument that they weren't logical. Now I'm actively planning two of them.

And, guys? GUYS. You NEED TO GO OVER HERE. And be WARNED about the crack. You need to UNDERSTAND.

Also, because my roomie artemisiabrisol has formulated a public mental health warning an explanation (artist's impression), of how the pair of us wound up seeing John Sheppard and Rodney McKay in every aspect of our lives.

It is a terrible, delicious ailment and it's all calantha42's fault, she who whispers things in the ears of innocent geeks and then wanders away, unaffected.

(I'm the poor, benighted plague-victim in the middle. ^.^)
Tags: irl folk, sga

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