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1. Finished the rhetorical analysis. Probably. Since he refused to give us any guidelines, I sort of had to wing it - never having actually written a rhetorical analysis, I didn't even know what one was supposed to look like, let alone how to write one well. Which is what I'm going to tell him if I flunk this. I found a few outlines on other university websites, which at least told me what one was supposed to accomplish, the general sorts of questions you're supposed to answer. I don't know if prof wanted us to do deeper, more nut-and-bolty analysis, like analysing syntactic structure etc., but if he did, I'm screwed. We have a test today, too, which I'm kind of freaking out about. This is the only "test" of any kind I have this whole semester, and he chooses to hold it the same day a paper is due. WTF. I'm pretty confident about the first half of the readings up to today's date, but in regards to the second half I'm exceedingly fuzzy. I seem to have to read everything three/four times for it to stick, and even then, it doesn't stick well. I am a general concepts person, not a technical details person. On the upside, I don't have any other papers due this actual week - two next week, ugh, but that means anything I get accomplished this week is a) a bonus and b) me being studious and responsible, which, HAH.

2. I am so. Tired. Seriously, you have no idea. I'm just counting down, now, to the point in the year where my immune system goes "Yeah, I don't think so," and takes us off the line for two days. This happens, or historically has happened like clockwork, every year since I graduated high school - typically it happens in September, but it didn't, so I've been waiting, waiting... possibly being out of school for two years messed with the wiring?

3. Still no loans. Going to kill someone. Also being screwed but good by MSP, which is demanding I pay fifty bucks a month for the medical insurance I am required by law to have, and which co-incidentally covers nothing but emergencies and doctors' visits (not prescriptions, not girly-things, not dental visits of any kind), even though I am having to shell out a hundred bucks a month on extended private insurance so I can go to the dentist in November. And I'm still paying on top of that! Socialised health care, my ass. I keep trying to get ahold of the our MLA to explain the logical discrepancy between "required by law to participate in the program" and "being charged money to participate in the program, especially when it doesn't actually COVER ANYTHING", but have as yet had no luck with anything but his voice mail.

4. However! The Happyfest, Team-Sheppard-Goes-To-The-Olympics story is now at almost 4,000 words. Which is, yay? It may not even balloon out to 20k (artemisiabrisol, stop laughing or I'll just find another beta, I mean it, and the same goes for you two. :P), but I make no promises. The boys are being adorkable and awkward and I am So Excited about this fest. \o/

5. daroos is coming to visit next week! By which time I hope to have figured out what I'm going to be for Hallowe'en. It's a testament to the general suckiness of this year that I haven't had this figured out for six months, already. I may default to Atlantis Military Personnel, since I already have the shirt and the boots, leaving me to find Pants, Gun, and Holster. Really, really need my sewing machine back from the repair shop, but last time I called it still hadn't returned from the oblivion of "being fixed." If they still haven't got it back in when I call them tonight, I'm going to sic Mum on them. I may even get a new machine out of the deal, since at this point it sounds like they've lost it. >.<

Still no sign of there ever being a BC Film Industry Halloween Haunt again, shich makes me very, very sad. There are many other delightful Samhain-themed activities in Vancouver, though, and among them is the Haunted Trolley Tour. (daroos? Is this still something that interests you? I'll buy tickets fairly soon, if yes.) Also Fright Night at Playland and the Parade of Lost Souls, and there are whole Lists.

6. Back to work. Wednesday's my last day! Which is awesome! Assuming my loans ever come through! Otherwise I'll starve! Hooray! You evil, money-grubbing bastards!

7. Er. That took a bit of a left turn, there. Oops. :)
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