Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Ah, life.

And by that I mean OMG so much stuff to do, I am TIRED. One essay and three critical responses to write this weekend, another essay after that, and ANOTHER essay a week after THAT. Needless to say, I don't think I'm doing NaNo this year, which saddens me, but ah, well.

Got a solid high B on my World Lit essay, which she finally handed back today after a fifteen minute discussion on what we thought constituted an essay. After the requisite horrified silence from my classmates - AKA "this does not bode well" - she handed them back. And y'know what? Considering I haven't written an essay in two years, I'm pretty much pleased. She just said my linkages were a little vague, which I knew already - with the perspective one gains only once something has been handed in.

Research project is going to be 3,000 words, which is not NEARLY as bad as I expected.

Anyway. The housewarming-type-thing has been postponed in favour of the three of us not having nervous breakdowns. Possibly to the end of October, possibly even November. Partly because we are all ridiculously busy and not even properly unpacked and also we are painting this weekend, and partly because you people are kind of hard to pin down. I therefore request that the locals sound off with what weekends (including Friday evenings) are going to work for you guys, between now and, say, the end of November. There's no point having a party if nobody can come, right?

Okay. Off to scrounge supper before Incredibly Long Shakespeare Class. Tomorrow I plan to... read? Maybe? Perhaps? And Saturday I drag the roomies to Mum's house and we stuff ourselves with Thanksgiving dinner. Probably catalog some more books. (Did I mention that I have a four-day weekend? Because I have a four-day weekend.)

And tonight (or tomorrow morning, technically, I guess, depending on how fast the EST time zone torrents it, and apparently none of us plan on sleeping until it does), Atlantis.

ETA: Okay, I now officially hate convocation. There are people. EVERYWHERE. And apparently none of them KNOW HOW TO WALK.

Yeah, okay, one could argue that the food has yet to elevate my blood sugar... o.O
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