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So. Student loans. Used to be simple. Crap, evil, out for your very soul, but simple. You applied, you went to school. When you stopped school for a while, you gave them money. When you went back, school told loans you were back in, and you stopped paying.

Of course, now loans is two different bodies, depending on whether you're talking about Repayment or Disbursment (three, if you count the difference between Federal and Provincial loans, because Provincial still handles everything themselves). Repayment has been farmed out to a private company that doesn't communicate with Disbursment, AT ALL. Which means if you've gone into Repayment and subsequently go back to school, AND if you have the temerity to apply for further loans while you do it, then NOBODY TELLS THE REPAYMENT PEOPLE TO STOP CHARGING YOU INTEREST.


So I've been waiting, waiting for my Fall funding to show up, as I've been approved, etc. etc. Got a call last night from the Repayment people - so this morning I called them back, and it's apparently somebody wanting to know why I haven't made my last payment. For SEPTEMBER. I made a sputtering noise, and told them that, uh, remember how I'm a full-time student and not in repayment status anymore? And the lady on the other end told me: um, nope. You didn't tell us that.

I made a lot of sputtering noises and explained that months ago, I asked THEM whether I had to notify them, and a guy told me that it would be automatically taken care of once I was enrolled at SFU. Not only did she deny this ever happening, but she explained that I had to a) go physically to financial aid at school and get them to FAX a form confirming I'm enrolled, and b) pay the interest for September, BECAUSE THEY'RE IDIOTS. She helpfully suggested I apply for Interest Relief if I can't manage it (I can, but that's NOT THE FUCKING POINT), and then basically shooed me out of her office (if there had been an office, which there was not because we were on the telephone).

So then I called school. School was slightly more helpful, because part of it WAS their fault. I had trouble registering in August because re-applying after a degree puts you automatically down as a "non-degree student," which means you can't register for anything that has a major restriction. Since I had an English and History degree, this was puzzling, and I ended up calling the Departmental Assistant for English and having her manually add me to classes - at which time she intimated I was now an English major again.

Apparently not, though! Because both the Registrar's Office and Financial Aid tell me I am still in a non-degree program.

Which is not eligible for student loans.

Which is why they didn't confirm my enrollment with the loans people.


And did anybody think to TELL me about any of this? Send me a letter? An e-mail? Did the loans disbursment people think I should be told that they were holding my money indefinitely? Did school call me up, explain that I needed to change my program, because they'd had to tell the loans people I wasn't actually there? No. No no no. They rejected the confirmation and then just. Sat. There.

So now I have to:

-FAX a form to SFU officially changing my program to something "eligible"
-call SFU tomorrow to make sure they got it
-call SFU in five business days to REMIND them to re-confirm me, both with the Repayment and Disbursment branches the loans leviathan
-call the Federal Repayment people and verify they got the confirmation and are going to stop charging me interest
-call both Disbursement branches and verify they got the confirmation and are going to GIVE me money
-contest the interest I never should have been charged, also by telephoning


I miss 2001. It was SO. EASY.
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