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Today's notes:

From World Lit:

Why is it so cold? On Tuesday it was like thirty degrees and today it is three degrees below zero. WTF. I know this is a new building but it does not appear to even be secure against the ELEMENTS.

Oh, yes, please do compare it to Jane Eyre. That will win you my fangirling. Until you said that, I was actually enjoying this book.

Okay, okay, no. Do you know why everybody learns English before they enter the world of higher education? Because if you write long treatises in soulful, broken semi-poetry, nobody has a clue what you're talking about. If a room full of English majors can't crack your code, you and your movement HAVE PROBLEMS.

You know that moment at the end of a class or meeting that has been unusually dull, when everybody is dead from boredom, and the prof looks around and asks "are their any more questions?" with the clear intention of letting you go early, miracle, hallelujah, and SOME IDIOT ASKS A QUESTION, which is totally meaningless, and is IN THE POWERPOINT, and the prof proceeds to explain herself for the sixth time, and you and all your classmates just sort of wish the offender protracted, painful death?


I am actually liking most of my classes, except for the World Lit one. Because the books are good, they're interesting, they make me have deep thinky-thoughts, but the prof seems enamoured more of endlessly explaining the social and historical context of things with specific examples, in a way that makes it more like a history class, which would be fine except this is an ENGLISH CLASS. And when she's done flipping through the Powerpoint slide, there's all of twenty minutes left to actually talk about THE BOOK.

At least she gave us an extension on the paper. Not that that will make much difference, as we still have to do the reading for that day and it's not going to do much except let me not worry about the reading for the weekend.

So much work to do, guys. *headdesk*
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