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My thoughts on Whispers:

Honestly, I couldn't get terribly worked up in either direction about this episode. It wasn't scary, it wasn't interesting, there were no good character moments, and Nicole DeBoer. Okay, I know she's Canadian, but I a) still harbour irrational secondary resentment towards Ezri Dax over Terri Farrel's abandonment of Worf and b) am so incredibly bored with the fact that she's the same character regardless of show, universe or galaxy that I just don't really care. I was sad about Vega. I was hoping to see more of her after the gigantic Dot-Matrix-gun thing in the premiere. :(

Carson was an idiot. I am not astonished. For me he was always good in the lab, but bad when there was any immediate threat of death or dismemberment or other violence anywhere in his general vicinity. The fact that he managed to be both a condescending goober and a damsel in distress SIMULTANEOUSLY cannot even begin to surprise me.

Isolated awesomeness: Teldy. Dusty. John and his turtleneck. I just. Allow me to join the masses in fantasising about just what the high collar might be hiding. ;)

But otherwise? Bad B-Movie in a sci-fi 'verse just doesn't work - particularly one as post-modern and meta as Stargate. Your brain can't suggest magic or actual inexplicable monsters or ghosts - it knows it's aliens, or mutants, or experiments, or a villain, or something explicable, which is simply less scary than the genuinely supernatural - or at least scary in a very different way than the things-that-go-bump-in-the-night that the writers were so clearly going for. The genre and the universe were dissonant enough to make it confusing, and confusing isn't scary, it's confusing - kind of like how Jeepers Creepers was a genuinely scary movie up until you saw the monster, and then I spent the last twenty minutes going "Wait, what? Really? I mean... really?"

Overall I give this an emphatic "meh," not even being remarkable enough to bear mentioning the "look look an all-girl team!" that kept coming up over and over again. My instinctive response was a dismissive headpat. *pats writers on the head* Yes, yes. We see. Girls. Go play in traffic, there's good boys.

See? I've already almost forgotten most of it. Sadly, a non-event.

And now, I must finish a write-up of two sonnets, e-mail them to the prof, and go to bed. Douglas finally called me back about part-time and I've got to be there at 8 AM, which means I have to leave here at twenty past eight, which means I have to get up at... yuck. Okay. Going now.


They've been so here-and-there with Rodney's romantic pursuits pretty much throughout the show - but none more so than Jennifer. There's a lot of feinting and now-you-see-it-now-you-don't and lack of followup that it's hard to tell what's going on, almost to the point where I sometimes feel the writers are deliberately trying to put us off-balance.

Which, okay, deliberate or not, the got-your-nose method is pretty much par for the course for the slightly-brain-damanged way Stargate, in general, does intentional romance. If it happens at all, that's a bloody miracle, and the intentional stuff, almost without exception, is endearingly awkward and then ends with tragedy (see: every single date Sam had while part of SG-1). Their usual method is to sort of drop it in when it comes up (which was why, in my opinion, the Katie thing was so confusing, because they don't make a habit of trying for romance) and then let it twist, almost as if they are encouraging us to infer whatever we want. They drop incredibly-vague hints, and then leave these gigantic areas of unfilled canon so open to interpretation that we might as well write the show ourselves. Stargate writers have proved they're aware of fandom, this is not so far-fetched. It has long been one of my very favourite things about the 'verse.

So wouldn't it be funny if this was the last we ever, ever heard of Rodney dating anybody, ever? No confirmation of Rodney/Jennifer, no denial, no resolution, just back to the John/Rodney onscreen-buddy-buddy and the occasional flustered babbling in Jennifer's presence and Sheppardian smirks?

Because I think that would be awesome.
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