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I am a living cliche, stage one.

Presently, I am reclining in the grass of the inverse pyramid of the Academic Quadrangle, blogging from my tiny laptop, all dapply-tree-shadowed and the leaves shushing in the gentle breeze, drinking a bubble tea. The only way I could be a more cliched Vanouverite is if I were drinking coffee in an independently-owned boho cafe in the West End. Y'know, if I liked coffee.

Not that I can't do these things. Maddy (I think I'm now calling the Eee Madison, we'll see if it sticks) affords me far more opportunities for pretentious city-blogging, especially now that I actually live in the city. Barely. But it still counts.

Second class is far more promising than first. It's History of Rhetoric, which is an English class with no lit. As much as I adore literature, I think three in one term, and one a Shakespeare (tomorrow's first class of three, urgh), might be pushing it. The prof actually has the Eee 701 and was appropriately awed by Maddy and her bigger screen and freakishly long battery life. I think we shall get along well, especially as he double-paged and double-sided the syllabus and posted all the articles for class on the section bulletin board in PDF format. *does the dance of the not-shackled-to-the-periodical-photocopier*!

Tomorrow is my day of death. Upside, the bookstore lineup was still pretty terrifying, but I was only in it for fifteen minutes, got my stuff, and hot-footed it out before the crowds for the first-year 3:30pm classes let out. I have an agenda and a binder for this semester's notes, and also dividers. All is right with the world for today.

Also! Today we celebrate the birth of the lovely, clever, talented and kind sheafrotherdon, whose fic is approximately one-fifth the reason I am still in SGA fandom. (Most of the other four-fifths being due to a genetic weakness for nerdy, awkward colony-builders and post-modern meta-fiction. It's a condition.) For the occasion many of her Sneaky friends have contributed to catenip, where you can find many fics, lots of art, and lots of well-wishes. (Yours truly's contribution would be among them, but it's still not quite done. Soon, soon!) Happy Birthday, Cate!

Okay. Getting hungry, perhaps it's time to go home. Eee use today, including two shut-downs and two hours on standby: 4.5 hours. Present Maddy battery power: 91%. Times questioned today by curious fellow students about the minuscule laptop: 4. I love my Maddy. ^.^
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