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So. School. My very first class is in Blusson Hall, the new Health Sciences building. Yeah, I know, that's what I said too, but I have no idea why. It's a gorgeous building, though, all wood and glass and fountains and gardens. I'm here an hour or so early as I had no idea where the room was, but it turns out Blusson is right next to the shiny new bus loop (aside: SFU has gotten MUCH shinier since I was last here), and the room's right at the top of the main stairs, more or less. There were people from another English seminar waiting for the room to let out, so I gather this may be temporary, as in they had no idea what to do with us this week. It may have something to do with the instructor, who according to the e-mail has somebody else covering her class today. Probably won't know until next week.

As it's first week, the campus is, predictably, veryvery noisy. CFOX is here, and there's a Drink More Milk bungee run (at least as much fun to watch as to play) and three separate Toyota booths trying to encourage me to buy a Yaris. I just feebly waved my Upass at them, because what would I do with a car? Nothing, that's what. They seem to have missed that their major constituency today is eighteen-year-olds with no money. Also kind of wanted to go and buy a) the semester's crested binder (I have a SYSTEM, please to be SHUTTING UP) and b)a new clipboard, as my old one is held together withd duct tape, but the line for the bookstore is too terrifying to be believed. Might try later, after class. I think they're open late this week.

Have been questioned twice in past fifteen minutes re: the Eee. (Aside: still no name. I am lame.) The Eee? Still awesome. Also awesome: sitting in the grass in the AQ writing LJ posts. Dear Douglas College: THIS is how you administer a campus wi-fi network. (Another aside: still haven't heard from Dougie re: part-time.)

And soon I have to go to class. Um. *fidgets*
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