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About that well-beaten path... did someone drive into one of the sign-posts?

Sleep is now a lost cause. Instead, breakfast.
As soon as Carolyn wakes up, anyway. She has an early class, so I'll go to breakfast with her.

This is the post-it I left on her door:

Hey, Caro-chan...
Yes, it says Caro-chan and don't you *dare* laugh. It's seven in the morning and I'm a tad wired so I'm calling you Caro-chan now. Or Goober is still good.
No, I haven't slept yet. I'll explain later but I blame Shannon.
Right. My rapidly-dwindling point. If you're going to breakfast come knock on my door. I'm hungry. And for the love of God don't let me near anything with caffeine in it. --Ari

It looks a little strange reading it back. Hm.

It's really windy out. I can hear it. I hope it's not as cold as it sounds...

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