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Can we get a do-over on 2008, please?

So last night, a 51-year-old guy (probably high on something, don't know what yet) drove his moronically-enormous pickup truck through the front wall of a sushi place on Lougheed Highway. He just turned off the road and accelerated into the parking lot. My parents used to eat there every other week. When I lived at home it was our standard Japanese take-out place.

The truck killed two people - a woman waiting for her takeout order (she had three kids), and a nineteen-year-old girl who went to the same dance school I did. She was in a lot of my little sister's classes. Several other people are still in critical condition.

Personally I'm kind of astonished we didn't know the woman, too. Halu Sushi is popular and tasty and Maple Ridge isn't that small, but everybody often seems to know everybody else anyway, and Mum's the kind of person who knows everybody.

We were out at the White Spot near Gilmore last night, having the businessy-type meeting about Harn with Dad's minions (more on that later), when Ki called Mum's cell to make sure that wasn't where we'd been. And, no. But. Wow.

No word yet on the driver, except that he's relatively uninjured and has been charged., this year just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? o.O
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