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The Eee!

Today I did three things of note.

1. I bought an Eee PC, which we (myself, calantha42, mik100 and both youngest sisters) have collectively decided is an onomatopoeia for the noise people make when they see it (so far accurate to eight out of ten, and one of the two holdouts was my uncle the jaded tech-support superhero), because the acronym that actually makes up the "Eee!" part is stupid. So.

It is shiny and black and the screen is 8.9 inches and the keyboard is small but that's all right because I have tiny hands and it is simply the most adorable laptop that has ever lived, eee.

There, see? Like that. :)

It is going to go everywhere with me, because it weighs less than several of my textbooks and came with a sleeve and has a solid-state drive and is practically shock-proof. I think I'm in love, which means I should probably name it soon. On that front, suggestions? I'd call it Meredith (obviously), but the roomie totally snaked that one for her desktop PC. My desktop PC is called Podkayne and the other laptop Clark, but I think I am all out of similarly-themed names and the only other one currently in the running is Madison, which I'm not really sure about.

Aside: the driver on the #16 route needs to buy a clue. If there are so many people on your bus that they cannot all fit behind the red line, you're supposed to stop letting people on. I don't care if they are going to the PNE.

Aside to aside: I really want to go to the PNE next weekend. Or the evening, whatever, I don't know. maelie, are you interested?

2. I went out to Maple Ridge catalogued roughly 98,456 books from Dad's collection. Or five hundred. I don't know. It got a little hazy at some point with all the dust and the dogs and the numbers. We had two two-person teams, with one person reading ISBNs and the other person typing them into Library Thing (Fun fact! Library Thing will only let you enter 200 books on a free account, then you have to pay. Which is not that big a deal, because a lifetime account's a whopping $25 USD, but we still had to create four or five accounts because we were using two at once. But la, there are export/import facilities, and have I mentioned that aside from SGA fandom, LibraryThing is my new favourite thing on the Internet? Because it is.). WE AREN'T DONE. In fact we really only got through the office and maybe... a quarter of one of four over-stuffed bookcases? And only stopped because the Library Thing server went down for maintenance for the night. We're going to have to go back later. We're dealing with Dad's books thusly: Mum picks through. I pick through. Uncles pick through. Book-monkeys Gracious friends/siblings who aided in cataloguing pick through. Everything that's left is going to be put up briefly for sale on Dad's website, after which I am planning to offer the remainder for free (plus shipping) to you, the Internets. I expect there to be about a thousand left.

No, seriously.

Do any of you think you would be interested in a huge stack of science fiction novels mostly-from-the-70s-and-80s? I'll probably put up a spreadsheet or something. We'll see.

On a side-note, I have to go to a meeting of some kind to discuss the future of Harn next Thursday. Because apparently this is my job now? When did this happen? Oh, apparently a while ago. GAH. *hides*

3. I talked about the Shrine a lot. Because. Still. Wow. I've got about eleven story ideas crowding in my head, but I'm ignoring them because I am going to finish the Rodney's childhood story, really I am. Also did some more conversational flailing about The Cancellation and The New Thing and still fail to comprehend The Stupid. Possibly caused people on the Skytrain to give us funny looks. Ah, well.

And here's a segue: have you been pissed in recent years to find that a show you liked was being changed/cancelled/replaced because the showrunners suddenly decided they'd make more money by selling it to "key demographics?" Me too! Head on over here where amireal has an interesting idea to explain to MGM in particular and networks/studios in general EXACTLY who their demographic really is. With all our disposable income. (And before the more cynical among you pipe up, as I'm sure you will, no, I don't really expect this to affect any dramatic miraculous change in current events. But it's a pointed sideswipe at some idiots, and it's maybe ten bucks to accomplish, so WTF, I'm behind it. It'll make me feel a little better, anyway.

Sleepy. Going to play with the Eee some more, and then collapse into bed. In the morning I will also answer some comments, because eep, so many comments. :)
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