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SGA 506: The Shrine

Okay, I need to watch it again, but I will leave you all with

John lent him his leather jacket, and then they snuck out to drink beer.


*makes a sound audible only to dogs and cats*

Because I suspect this is going to inspire a lot of anti-Keller rage, I must state that I loved everybody. EVERYBODY. Even Jennifer, even though she was being rational to the point of I-want-to-slap-her-around-a-little, but I admit that by then I was totally in Jeannie and John's headspace and just WANTED TO FIX HIM, because you knew that as soon as they got to Talus everything would be all right, while at the same time you were really believing that maybe they wouldn't fix it.

The episode felt really, really short, probably because actually very little time passed objectively in either timeline, or maybe just because I was slightly distracted by all the beautiful, heart-clenching angst and the TEAMINESS of this. I just. It.

Yeah. I need to watch it again.

ETA2: Okay, I'm going to stop refreshing my F-List now and go to bed. *sheepish*
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