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A parting thought (the last one! Really!)

Have you seen this Stouffer woman who's sueing J.K. Rowling for stealing her ideas for Harry Potter, specifically the word "Muggle"? (Which, by-the-by, I'd heard *before* reading HP, so there, crazy woman... :P And as for her claim of all records of sales of these books she keeps claiming exist being destroyed when her studio collapsed during a '96 snowstorm... FOL)

Now; I'm not exactly disputing her claim. Personally, I couldn't care less either way. I like the Harry Potter books. As long as they keep coming...

No... wait...that sounds... evil, somehow...

*shakes head*

Anyway... on one of her badly-made webpages she has an exerpt from one of her "books".

...and my only concern here is... why is this woman allowed anywhere *near* a keyboard? Not only does she say she doesn't think kids between 3-13 should be reading anything that requires "complex judgement skills" (that's an exact quote, btw, and what the HELL? o.O), but what *she's* written is... well... she should be kept *away* from a keyboard. Or pens. Or pencils. Or chalk. Or sharp rocks and soft ground...

I think the site is, or something like that, if anyone's interested... though I'd advise against it. Unless you go in looking for a good, loud, contemptuous laugh like we did. Otherwise, it'll just make you mad...

Bed. Right.

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