Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

OMG let it be Friday now please.

I mean okay, it needs to be Friday show time + 2-3 hours for the people on the east coast to torrent it, but yes. That.

sheafrotherdon posted picspam from 506: The Shrine. It looks so Rodney-whumpy and TEAM that I may be getting weepy in sheer anticipation. \o/

It is true. I really will take anything from this show as long as they all keep petting each other. ;)

Started unpacking books last night. Have decided to catalogue them all this time, so I got 181 loaded into Library Thing. That was four boxes. There are eight more to go. Which means I have... a lot of books.

EDIT: A One Week Emergency Distraction Session has opened at mcsmooch, for fear that our heads will explode before Friday.

I love this fandom. ^.^
Tags: sga, tvlore

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