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So. Tired.

First and foremost: eeeeeee look what siriaeve wrote for meeeee. It is the most adorable adorable thing I can think of right now. Surprise kisses and BOYS. Just. \o/

Good: Ikea furniture arrived today. mik100 and sister Hailee came over to help us put it together. Got all but two bookcases (the roomie's), one table (actually assembled, but the coat of oil/sealant stuff we put on the top surface needs to dry for 12 hours), and one set of shelves assembled (because not only were the electricians who wired this building CRACK-HEADS - the kitchen lights keep flickering and apparently if we run the microwave, the kettle, and the toaster oven at once the fuse trips, WTF - but the contractors were as well; the studs in the kitchen are all over the bloody place and confusing the studfinder, or possibly there's plywood I have no idea, so we have to wait for Mum to work her power-tool magic and make it work).

Bad: The FUCKING CAT got out as we were cleaning up some, squeezed his evil little body out through the window we opened just a little to ventilate from painting the table. We ran around the house panicking for a few minutes, then Hailee and I ran outside and I found him making his way up the back stairs and grabbed him by the head. The little BASTARD.

Good: I have a wardrobe! And it even goes with my desk. And covers the horrible pipes in the corner. I've unpacked all but *counts* eight regular-sized boxes (like printer-paper sized or slightly larger), and four small ones (hangy-things and mobiles and such). That's the bedroom. There's another dozen or so boxes of books, but the living room is currently not to be borne, and anyway we need to assemble the last two bookcases before we do that, as the roomie, in her gleeful Ikea spree, slightly over-estimated the size of her room and one of hers has to go in the hall or something.

Tomorrow, probably: the bookcases and the roomie's wardrobe/shelves/thingy, and more bedroom unpacking. Sealing the fucking crack in the fucking concrete in the fucking storage room. The shelves in the storage room. And oh, yes, I have to go to work in the morning, boo.

Next weekend: The stupid shelves in the stupid kitchen. The stupid spicerack in the stupid kitchen. The garden. The COMPOST.
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