Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Boring, Boxes, Buzzing.

Bought new light fixture to replace the one that is basically a light socket in my ceiling. Bets are on now as to whether I can a) correctly turn off the correct fuse and not electrocute myself tomorrow and b) install the thing correctly, with all the right wires attached to the right wires. Theoretically B should actually be pretty simple, but since this building appears to have been wired by crackheads, we can only guess.

May possibly wait for Mum before I attempt this.

Spent all. Day. In the Ikea today. Bought wardrobe, bookcase (for living room) new table/sideboard thingy (for kitchen) and also shelves.

The compact fluorescent bulb in the dangly-lamp is buzzing. I'm pretty sure it never did that before. Is it supposed to do that? Hmm. Research.

I'm kind of ridiculously excited about the wardrobe. Mainly this is because I can FINALLY UNPACK THE BOXES, as until I delegate clothing I can't put anything else away (THIS IS DRIVING ME INSANE, obviously, and the boxes, they mock me.).

*stares consideringly at lighting fixture* No, I'm pretty sure I'm waiting 'til tomorrow. Not least of all because we have an unlabelled fuse box (seriously, this is the fourth place I've lived where there are no labels on anything,, what is the matter with people? Who wires an entire house for electricity and then thinks "huh, I don't imagine they'll ever need to know that this switch shuts off the living room and that one does the kitchen." Just. What.

Update: the dangly-lamp has died altogether. Testing suggests it's the sockety-bit which I cannot pry apart despite being pretty sure I know what's wrong with it (molded plastic - more genius!). Fuck. Time to replace something else. *sullen*

Anyway. Furniture arrives tomorrow morning (hopefully - we got a 9am to 1pm slot) and Sunday will be given over to magically transforming cardboard boxes into actual furniture.

And then. FINALLY. Unpacking. Oh god I hate boxes.
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