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After visit from most incompetent Shaw guy in my personal history of Shaw guy visits, we now have TV in both bedrooms, but still. No. Wired. Internet. Why? Because I had to harrass him to run coax into the bedrooms (not like that was his job or anything - he said he wasn't sure he'd "have time!"), and he didn't have long enough ethernet cable to run a line all the way into either occupied bedroom. Roomie has a 50ft cable from the old place, but that's just long enough to reach her room, as mine's waaaaaay on the far end of the hallway and something more like 150ft.

Seriously? The Shaw technician didn't have long enough ethernet cable? Are you kidding me?

And then we had to tuck all the cables down behind bookcases etc. ourselves. So basically all he did was show up and cut really long pieces of cable, and then leave. WOW SO HELPFUL.

Going to have to go to London Drugs and buy my own ethernet cable now, rather than get free, much better cable from the tech. WTF.

The Skytrain ride from here to Dougie takes about half an hour around the Millennium Line. This is the longer, uncrowded way. Tomorrow I may try the shorter, slightly less reliably-timeable way that involves me changing lines at Commercial. This is problematic as there may be a wait for the Expo train. We'll see how much time it shaves off the trip and if it's worth an extra possibly-five-minutes of standing around on the platform.

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