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Pretty cool thing: YVR finally has seen the light, has gotten free wifi going, hooray. Is once again best airport in universe.

Unbelievably stupid thing: forgot my laptop cord. Sainted roomie investigating FedExing to see if it is a waste of time (now really wishing I had bought an Eee PC day before yesterday instead of being mature and showing restraint, blech). Now have beautiful, Atlantified Compaq Presario V2000 with approximate battery life of wet brick.

Good, wonderful, excellent, fantastic thing: got Departmental Advisor ON FIRST TRY. This is MIRACLE, this is SIGN FROM ON HIGH, this is I have no idea what, but YAY.

Kind of un-cool thing: Have four-day schedule.

Sort-of-evening-out-thing: only one late day, Thursday (2:30PM-9:20PM), and all other days are 2:30PM-4:20PM, so can work part of day almost every day and all day Friday. Weekends are going to stop being fun, but I can handle that, have had worse schedules, and possibly can swap when I get home and have reliable internet access. At least now can negotiate loans without fear of reprisal.

Gnawing Hunger Thing: SO. HUNGRY. Getting up in a minute to forage. Not much in domestic departures past security, but was desperate to get to gate to sit down, plug in laptop, and call Departmental Assistant (as above, only partially successful).

God So Sleepy Thing: But! Can now eat food, take drugs, and sleep whole flight without freaking out, because if disaster occurs during move, am elsewhere and not responsible (i.e. I am not there to make whole thing worse by freaking out). Sainted mother and sainted littlest sisters also helping, as well as sainted best friend. Sainthood going like hotcakes. Nutritious and delicious.

Duh Thing: Brain finally succumbing to fatigue and melting out of ears. Durrrrrrrr.

Board in an hour. May nap. Will see.
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