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So. Things that are freaking us out today:

1. Moving. 'Nuff said, I think. *shudder*

2. SCHOOL. FUCKING SCHOOL. The class registration system is pretending I have no pre-reqs, presumably because I am presently classified as "unclassified." Got ONE CLASS yesterday at the beginning of my enrollment slot, was refused entry into the others because of major restrictions.

And SFU of course can't just SAY "major restrictions" like the rest of the world, they had to have a four-cell table explaining how I "do not meet seat reserve capacity requirements." I mean, WHAT? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Of course I know what it means now, but by the time I'd figured it out, the entire English department had gone home for the day.

So this morning I will use the meager time between clearing security at the airport and actually boarding the plane telephoning a) a general academic advisor, b) the registrar's office, and/or (god I hope it's OR) c) the departmental advisor. Presumably I must simply go back on record as being an English Major (I blame Rodney for the automatic capitalisation there, IT'S NOT MY FAULT, and neither are the caps), but I desperately hope I don't have to do it like last time, i.e. make one appt. with a general advisor, make another appt. with an advisor, make yet another appt. with the departmental advisor, wait a week and a half. I am hoping it is simply a matter of clicking something. (It's actually worse, knowing more or less how this works, since I do it at work all day. Change of program should not take a week and a half. That's stupid, and also, I have a bloody Bachelor's Degree, I can be an English Major again if I want, so there.

I may cry at them. We'll see. Either way I may or may not be screwed for Fall classes by the time I board the plane. Y'know, just so you're all warned. The freak-out, she is a'coming.

3. Wow, I'm getting on a plane for the third time in two weeks. And I haven't slept since yesterday! Whee! Honestly, we were packing up a few last things, the apartment is more or less in order, and by the time we were done it was after 4AM and it seemed a little pointless, especially since I had to take my bed apart before I leave this morning.

Which I'm doing in... *checks watch* fifteen minutes?

Oh, gods. Kill me now. I am losing my mind.

Torontonians, expect me around 6PM, probably. I think.
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