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SGA Fic: mcshep_match 2008, In This Era of Liberty (PG)

So I was going to post this from work today, but the college has been having almost humiliatingly complex server/database problems for almost two weeks now ("What do you mean the program I must use for every part of my job has crashed me out with no warning for the eighth time today and it's my fault for running Word and Banner together? Are you on crack?" [/actual paraphrased conversation]) due to a combination of terminal technological obsolescence and sparse/almost criminally incompetent tech support, and the e-mail I sent myself with the files to be uploaded toute suite once the final mcshep_match post had gone up did not arrive. WTF. But here it is now!

Title: In This Era of Liberty
Pairing(s): John/Rodney, Sam/Jack
Category: Romance, Angst, Team, Friendship (and stupid, stupid boys)
Spoilers: Season 4
Rating: PG
Wordcount: ~35,600
A/N: Written for the winning Home Team in mcshep_match 2008, with the prompt: run the gauntlet. Surprise, it's me! *wavyarms* Go team go!

(They lose the Daedelus at the beginning of the fifth year. That's the first night John crawls into bed with him.)
Tags: fic, job, sga

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