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mcshep_match Revealed!

The secret identities of the authors for the 2008 McShep Match have been revealed, here. I didn't hazard any guesses (and now that all has been revealed I'm going to go through and comment on things - half my comments were sort of telling!), but a total of one person guessed mine. Apparently I have a particular Rodney! Hee. :)

Once the results have been posted I'll be re-posting my entry - mine was In This Era of Liberty - to my site (too big for an LJ post, woe), with prettier formatting. Minimalist default html is not attractive, and there's a half-dozen typos that neither I nor the multitude of talented mods and betas caught before it went up, not to mention at least one line that is just painful and I would like to fix.


What are you still hanging around here for? Go on, read 'em if you haven't already! *shoos* The master list, again, is here.
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