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And then, she FELL OVER.

Aaaaand first sgabigbang draft submitted!

Topped out at ~53,000 words, submitted at one minute to the deadline. That was really very stresssful. I think I wrote something like 9,000 words since coming home from work. My GOD. (My wrists hurt.)

I'm now all twitchy with adrenaline come-down, like being up for two days. It's kind of weird. But at least it's done. Not perfect, but it's a draft, and I've got time to fix all the massive gaping holes in the cursed, evil thing. (We have developed a sort of love-hate relationship, me and the BigBang.)

Also, I may have accidentally written Lorne/Zelenka. Oops? :)

Food. Bed. Not looking at it for two days. Not even a little.
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