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Sooo... Sunday. Playland. The rides were good. The tiny donuts were delicious. The sunscreen was SPF 45.

Guess what happened anyway.

Yeah. WTF. I must have re-applied sunscreen about half a dozen times. And yet! sunburn on both shoulders, to a lesser degree on chest and back, and one really, really random patch on the back of my left calf. I got a very pretty airbrush tattoo of a little dragon with its wings unfurled, and its poor wee head is all but vanished from all the aloe I accidentally smudged it with. (I will try and get a picture before it fades away entirely. It's very nice, even without most of its head. Plus then you can see the HORRIBLE BURNING. Seriously, all the nerd and brains and insanity I inherited from my parents, they couldn't have passed on a few ccs of melanin?!)

I just. We are all going to die of sun. Or I am, anyway. That is IT, people.

I think it's kind of funny how I feel how ultimately, man must be in balance with the natural world in order to be happy, AND YET I am a miserable whingy bitchy mess outside of a temperature range of 10 to 16 degrees celsius and feel a strong desire to control the climate with my brain. These two sentiments would appear to be in conflict, but to me it suggests that nature intended me to live in a space station, where the climate is ALWAYS THE SAME. I could deal with the monotony, I think. The planet would still be here, after all, if I got nostalgic for wind or the ocean or rainstorms (and I admit that I probably would). There could be day-trips. Vacations. And such.

And you're all welcome to come live with me on my climate-controlled space-station, too. You live longer in low-G, after all. Less strain on the heart. *sage nod*

I suggest we get started on it right now, as I am still dying of heat. I don't know the exact temperature right now (earlier it was something like 33, "feels like 36"), but I'm pretty sure my apartment is hovering around 40 C, and the walk up the hill from work (where conversely, it was approximately -15 C in the Registrar's Office, so I was wrapped up in the shawl mik100 made for me last Christmas while periodically slathering aloe on my shoulders) reminded me of... okay, I can't think of an example right now, but you know what I mean, F-list - some death march from some movie with a death march through a desert and the hot sun beating down on our plucky heroes, while heat-shimmer made the horizon waver like a fun-house mirror...

...yes. Like that.

At least my Tego skin came. My laptop is now at least twice as awesome as he was yesterday.

EDIT: Er, P.S., there is a love meme going on over here. *shuffles feet*
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