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Today I have:

1. gone to the eye doctor (Verdict: not going blind! At least not nearly as blind as the rest of my family. Apparently I have a "borderline focusing problem" which means my eyes get tired and don't focus on text and sundry fiddly details as fast as they should. So I'm getting glasses, with barely a prescription. Apparently this is both a preventative measure and also should stop me getting eyestrain headache. Yay! Also my glasses have butterflies on the hinges, so that's pretty neat, too.)
2. received my BC "Climate Action Dividend" (otherwise known as the Gas Tax Credit, aka: $100 for not even owning a car) cheque in the mail

I am feeling all grown-up and responsible. Except now I'm going to apply for student loans for the Fall semester, heh.

And also, Bigbang. *hides*
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