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Okay, so good news: I am almost done my mcshep_match story, as in: I expect to be finished tonight. I can't even complain in any more detail without giving away Secret Team Information so I'll leave it there and bounce anxiously on my toes. *bouncebounce*

sgabigbang is... progressing. Urgh. Has progressed? Well, I can pay it more attention tomorrow, I suppose.

Work is driving me completely insane today. Also if somebody could do something horrible to whoever in the Min of Ed keeps sending us ridiculous records-confirmation requests that require me to telephone people and ask them what gender they are, that would be AWESOME. Count of people obliquely accusing me of attempted identity theft since this morning? SEVEN.

Um... other thing, other thing... I have just finished listening to the podfic of cesperanza's Written by the Victors (and if you're in SGA fandom and haven't read this I don't know what rock you've been living under, but go and read it now, it is amazing, it has footnotes *nerdy glee*). It's my first time all the way throught he podfic version, and the really amazing thing about this story? Even on (third? fourth?) repetition, it's so well-executed that I'm listening to Earth politicians talking about how right they were and how wrong Atlantis was and I'm getting mad. That is good writing, people.

I think I'm going to see the new Hulk movie on Friday. (If we are not trampled by crowds. We shall see.) Also this weekend I need to put together my costume for the Serenity screening on the 22nd. Also, we have to go see an apartment Saturday for possible move-in in August (which would be totally fine with me, because it would mean I can pack, fly away to Dexcon, come back, and be magically moved, hooray! I think everyone can agree I should move house as infrequently as humanly possible, or possibly be sedated during the process). SO BUSY, OMG. I think I need a nap, just thinking about it.

Okay, kids. Back to the ficcing. I want to go home and wriiiiiiite. *whine*
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