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Not enough brainpower to spare for witty subject.

So apparently the mcshep_match deadline has been changed! Whew. And I got a whole 2,000+ words done on my sgabigbang yesterday, so all in all I am feeling slightly less crunched-up by deadlines today than I was yesterday. I suppose it's a little silly to feel crunched at all, given that they are almost all self-imposed or fandom-imposed, and well, a NORMAL PERSON would say fandom is not the real world and therefore not stress-worthy, but. Well. I've never been one of those people. I grew up in fandom, and I have an admittedly bizarre ranking system for my priorities (e.g. one time I called in sick to work so I could go to a movie premiere dressed up as an elf, but it's important to note that my costume was awesome and also my job at the time was a soul-sucking hell-hole). But never let it be said that I do not take my commitments seriously!

I think I actually need stress. I think I need it as much as I need intellectual stimulation. I have said before that when I'm out of school for any extended period I begin to feel as though I am getting stupider, but I have a feeling that that has as much to do with the sleep deprivation/deadlines-whooshing-by/litany-of-complaints-regarding-academia as it does with actually learning stuff. In other words, I prefer being inside the ivory tower to bemoaning the fact that the government is trying to chop it down like a tree blocking the ocean view of a Los Angeles condo development, and do you see how I took that metaphor way, way too far? I owe that to six years of undergraduate education in English literature.

And tonight I will make podfic. Probably.
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