Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Other than the weather, it's actually a pretty nice day.

It is very hot today. Amazingly, ridiculously hot. (Well, okay, it's 25C, but the day before yesterday it was 15C, so I feel justified in taking issue with the abruptness. If it's like this already in May I shudder to think of August.) I came to my parents' in Maple Ridge because it's a little cooler here, and they have a yard and a basement and shade, and things. I trudged out into the backyard and lo and behold, the house wifi does extend this far.

So I'm lying here in a foldy-lounge-thing in my parents' yard, in the shade next to the pond, with all the trees and the breeze and the dogs (and Mum and my sister trying to powerwash the porch while Ki occasionally runs screaming into the house whenever she sees a wasp). As I happen to look up at the stupidly blue sky, a plane goes vrrrrrrrrrrrrr past overhead and disappears towards Pitt Meadows, and my useless, useless brain whispers: "It says JS on the wing," and suddenly the same part of my brain is convinced that John Sheppard is flying that plane, and Rodney is in their yard with all the trees covered in sunscreen and bug repellent trying to work on his laptop, but there's glare so he has to hold it very close, and looking up whenever a plane flies past overhead in case it's John's.

I have no excuse to write John and Rodney living in Greater Vancouver (to be closer to Jeannie) after getting kicked out of Atlantis, buying a house and having a whole bunch of dogs and John flying planes for some reason. Really, none. And it's already been done, really. But it was still kind of cool for a moment there. Free of context and not wanky at all. o.O

Anyway, I really really need to finish something I've already started. Maybe today. Certainly tomorrow. I am DETERMINED to finish mcshep_match and artword this weekend. Since they are both 1000-word challenges, and I have notes, I feel this is well within my grasp.

I am EQUALLY DETERMINED to write something that is not ten thousand words long. DETERMINED. I believe in me.

...okay, no, I don't, but you guys can pretend, right? o.O

Aside: Oh my god, that is the BIGGEST SQUIRREL EVER, and... the dog just came to hide behind me. Oh, yeah. Good job, dude. I feel safe.

Second aside: Sneezing. Okay, time for the antihistamines.
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