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Because another show was *just* what I needed.

So, Bones? Is kind of the best Geeks Fight Crime show EVER. It doesn't make many serious nods towards plot, but the characters more than make up for it. They're all such enormous dorks! Bones is Shirley Holmes, all grown up. David Boreanaz makes a miles-better sarcastic, emotionally-stunted FBI agent than he ever did a vampire. The two of them together are edging up on John and Rodney for favourite wisecracking TV duo, and I'm never sure between one minute and the next whether I actually ship them or not, but regardless, they are adorable.

The only normal, balanced person on the entire cast is Angela, and her longest-running non-familial relationship is with a guy she only sees three weeks once a year until he gets eaten by coyotes.

I mean. Just. *loves*

Fic: I have slightly more than 18k on my sgabigbang, and the Poor Little Rodney story is slightly longer (AND STILL NOT DONE, but I can see the light at the end, I think). I have a flashfic story with some actual structure, maybe, possibly, and I have an actual idea for my mcshep_match that makes actual use of my English degree, hooray! Nothing firm for my artword story, yet, but that's still all new and shiny and unformed.

Also, it is just possible that I have signed up for too many challenges. *headdesk*

P.S. No, mik100, I have not written any of the fucking crossover. P.P.S. I hate you. :P

In other news: *shakes LJ by the neck* STOP. HANGING. ON. LOAD. Seriously.
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