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A list of the good.

So, I now have what I'm calling my Atlantis shirt (patches! yay! probably pictures once mik100 gets hers put together, else there will probably be pics from the con).

Got to go to MEC yesterday and wander amongst all the pretty wilderness gear that always makes me want to go camping/rockclimbing/hiking RIGHTNOWPLEASE. (Did not. Possibly in June.)

Got to see dragonfly13 last night for the first time in many months, remotely waylaying her on her way home from an exam to meet us at Boston Pizza, where she received machine parts in her pop. This is evidently NOT an urban legend. (They didn't even comp our desserts.)

AND I just hit 17k on my sgabigbang. Putting me at, um... probably about a third of the way done. Yeah, yeah, I know. It's gonna be a little... long. ;)

And it's only 4pm! Thus far I am giving this weekend a thumbs UP. I would not say no to more weekend. Unfortunately we had the Completely Inappropriate Snowfall on Friday night (seriously, it's APRIL, wtf), so I don't think it's going to happen again before Monday hits.

*gives sky suspicious look*

ETA: My littlest sister may be getting her camp back. They closed last year because the director retired, and sold the property to someone who didn't want to run it as a camp. I have NO IDEA why. Anyway, the trademark owners are looking for new space and may be buying out a Girl Guide property this summer. (Ki's the one second from the right, in the front row. Doesn't that look like someone you'd want to trust with your children? Try and pretend for a moment that she's not related to me. :P)

This would fall in the line of extremely awesome. Apparently she can "hear birds again, appreciate sunshine!" ;)

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