Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Mail Call!

Look what arrived today!

Amazon really only has two box sizes. A4 Envelope, and Human Remains. Seriously, the box was three times the size of the DVD packaging.

Behold: Ten seasons of SG-1, representing, um, a somewhat intimidating percentage of my lifespan. (Though admittedly, nowhere near as much as Trek, but that's like comparing the reasonably-mainstream religion in which you were casually socialised as a child with the lunatic hippy cult/commune in the BC Interior of your college days, the one that thinks we're all descended from aliens. OH WAIT.) And it's still going on.

What's inside: Y'know, I totally wasn't sure about the Gate-decoration on the outer box when I saw it online, but it really does look like that most of the time, all glowy and cool. Right now it's totally outshining the West Wing box set.

Centrefold shot. Look. At. All. The. DVDs. Know what? I have no idea where I'm going to put this box. The roomie already owns all ten seasons (in separate boxes) and all of Atlantis and Ark of Truth as well so we have dupes of the entire Stargate canon (except the original movie, because we really only need one of those, for educational purposes, you understand). Keeping both sets in the living room could be confusing, and anyway the living room shelves are kinda full.

Solution: more shelves!

Also: hmm, I need a new desk blotter.

The entire BLOODY obsession all in one place.

In summation: IT IS ALL calantha42's FAULT.

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