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Please ignore if you wish.

Buffy/So Weird

-The Siege of Alesia - The, um, fourth? installment in the Buffy/So Weird/Paxverse crossover Uberfic. (I have more than one Uberfic. It distresses me, too.) Bringing the Watchers Together. Urgh. Biiiig.


-The Little Life and the Great River - I SWEAR I am still working on this. Occasionally. Sometimes. The Why Did They Choose River, Massive Genetic Conspiracy story. Follows Serenity by about a month. Hurts my head on a regular basis.

SGA (more of these, obviously)

-Untitled Kindred I/II tag - which may or may not get folded into my BigBang, we shall see. In which Rodney gets upset about having to freeze Clone!Carson, says something like "I can't believe I had to lose my best friend twice," and John gets jealous, leaving Rodney to explain that John's not his best friend, he's... different. *Rodneyflailing*

-Big Bang (still no title) Mother Country - A political conflict between Earth and Pegasus/Season 5-ish. An IOA policy change directs Carter to cease humanitarian efforts and makes Atlantis officially isolationist. But they can't just sit back and let the galaxy be conquered around them, and the senior staff is left trying to find ways to fight Michael and the Wraith while still staying in the IOA's good graces. AKA the Sam Gets a Ship, John and Rodney Engage in Political Intrigue, Conspiracy to Make Woolsey Cool story.

-Day of the Dead - Probably/Maybe my current Flashfic offering. If you've seen the season 5 episode of Babylon 5 written by Neil Gaiman, you probably get the gist. If you don't, it basically goes: They See Dead People.

-TANSTAAFL (not the title)- Um, yes. I totally did. BUT IT IS NOT MY FAULT! mik100 completely failed to discourage me. So I'm maybe/kinda/sorta writing a SGA/The Moon is a Harsh Mistress crossover. Shut up.

-untitled Lorne and Sheppard wacky hijinks story - Also mik100's fault, as it was her request, which I valiantly ignored, until the sixth person accused me of making them cry with Twelve Days, whereupon I slammed my hand down on my desk and declared: I WILL WRITE SOMETHING HAPPY! Because I can. Really. I think. The story where John knows about Lorne and Parrish and Lorne knows about John and Rodney (because let's face it, in my stories everyone knows about John and Rodney), and are manfully trying to ignore same, but that's hard to do when they keep walking in on each other.

-The Third Age - The Secret Project That Will Likely Devour Me Whole, which I am Likewise Valiantly Ignoring for the duration of BigBang. The enormous epic possibly based on Babylon 5, but I'm not going into it any further than that right now because, well, Ignoring. I suspect very, very long.

-Capacity for Affection - The Poor Little Rodney story. The McKay family background I had in my head for Catalysis (and in general). Rodney's life until John, retold because of him. (Further evidence that I am incapable of writing short things. It's already 6,000 words, and I think I'm only half done. What is this, a disease?)

And some books (no summaries).

-The Illuminad (The Lamp Post Book - magic in Victoria)
-Marching Lights (Meadhon Part 2 - about half done)
-The Lighter Rebellion (The Psychic War Book)
-Concrete Versus Empyreal (this one's actually embarrassingly close to being finished)
-Summer in Ava (Still pretty hazy at this point, but I think I like it - aliens! Really! Proper sci-fi!)

In conclusion, kill me now.
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