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Okay, you know what, HBC-telemarketing-girl? When you call me seven times in two hours, and I finally answer, and you start pitching me credit-insurance and I interrupt you to say "You know what? I'm really not interested, but thanks anyway," it is not appropriate to get all snippy with me and ask, shirtily, whether you can at least finish your pitch. Because, no, finishing your pitch is not going to increase the likelihood of my wanting to spend three dollars a month on card insurance on a card I rarely use. My time is valuable (more or less), even when I am killing the last half an hour before my excruciatingly dull evening screenwriting class. In fact I am saving you from calling and hitting my voicemail another seven times, so you can move on to the next victim on your monthly list, someone less inured to the persuasiveness of telemarketers.

You aren't entitled to get offended because I have better things to do than listen to you try and sell me something I neither want nor need, especially when I rebuff you with "no thank you". Perhaps one of us needs to go back to grownup school (and ironically, for once I do not think it's me).

Seriously considering skipping excruciatingly dull evening screenwriting class. Yes/no? Sitting in office, cold and bored and vaguely hungry but not enough to go spend money on food, especially as Chartwells stops serving actual food at 5pm (the same time I finish work). Not that they ever serve actual food anyway.

*drums fingers*
Tags: i weep for the species, school

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