Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

I'm not going to say much of anything...

...about the most recent stupidity committed by our Russian overlords, really. The first ("Bye Bye Basic") is pretty stupid, and while I am philosophically bothered, actually I am aware that the damned things are still free.

Also I've had a Paid account for several years now (long enough to be HOOKED), and as it turns out, I'm shallow (simply can't stand the concept of ads) and also lazy (don't want to have to hunt you all down). Anyway this doesn't enrage me nearly so much as Strikeout did.

The second ("Porn, What Porn?") is just so stupid I can't even get annoyed about it. It's just sort of... funny? Because it doesn't stop you searching for any of these things, doesn't keep anyone from talking about them or listing them as interests, and honestly, I can't think of anyone who would Join/Not Join LJ on the basis of the Most Popular Interests whose opinion interests me much. Mostly it's the unbelievable stupidity of it that amuses me. What, they didn't think people would notice? Seriously, SUP, hire some PR. You have a terrifyingly inadequate knowledge of your user base. (Personally I don't care how you present us to the un-annointed public, so long as you don't actually stop me from doing anything.)

Also apparently they've changed their minds on that one, so what was this? A social experiment to see how fast LJers could form a lynch mob? (Verdict: Pretty Damn Fast.)

Anyway, the point of this post was to gloat on two counts.

One! I have managed to get 2,200 words into my Big Bang without getting annoyed with myself and stomping away at any point! I have what may or may not be the opening scene. Unless I preface it with a different opening scene. Or something like that.

And Two! Hotel and airfare for Comic-Con is BOOKED for mik100 and myself, as well as our two lovely roomies timeblind and tater_mae (and our room is now full up). Now just to set up same for Dexcon, and my summer's all set.

And do my taxes. Fuck.

Rainy day, day off, slightly stalled on fic. Think perhaps I will clean.
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