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Okay, what the hell...

Okay; here's a fun one... smoking on public school grounds. I'm not talking about University or college campuses. I'm talking about high schools. High schools!
It's illegal (illegal, not just prohibited) for public school teachers to smoke on school grounds. And good for that. They shouldn't.
What really gets me, however, is that in most provinces in this country, students *are* allowed to smoke on school grounds. *Students* are. And you know what? This is *wrong*. For one thing, it's not even legal for most high school kids to *buy* cigarettes (personally, I think *smoking* them should be punishable too, but maybe that's just me. If they *have* them, doesn't that mean they probably *bought* them? Or better yet, stole them. Or got someone else to buy them for them, which is even *more* illegal. The point is, they can't have gotten them legitimately. Grg.).
But do you know what really pisses me off? No matter how many times smoking on school grounds is outlawed, it gets brought back. Not because of the school board, not because of evil tobacco industries that get their yellowed fingers into the system and make it so, not even by students campaigning for their "right" to smoke (don't even get me *started* on that... on the issue of smoker "rights", I'm totally in agreement with Matt), but by parents, who demand it.

Now, I'm not saying that only a bad parent would do this...

...wait. Yes I am. It's one thing to know your child smokes, and in all fairness it's difficult to get them to *stop*... but when you contact the child's school, and demand that the school *allow* them to smoke... only a bad parent would do that. Doing that is tantamount to encouraging the smoking. And only a bad parent would encourange their child to smoke. Yup. Bad. Parent. Bad. Encourage your child to kill him or herself in a slow and painful way that endangers the lives of innocent bystanders. Yes. That makes you a bad parent.

I get absolutely livid when I hear about these parent groups ranting and raving about their children's "rights", and about how if the kiddies have to go off grounds to smoke, they can get hit by cars and things.

Pbbt. So what? If you're so worried about their well-being, maybe you should try to get them to stop inhaling toxic, carcinogenic fumes. It's not rocket science. Really it's not.

I'm going to go turn off the news now. There's also apparently idiot teenagers in Vancouver wrapping their cars around telephone poles street-racing and things. Argh.

I'm going to... go do laundry now. Or something. Sigh

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