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This is why I shouldn't watch things like this by myself at one in the morning. In future there will be no more visiting my parents when season finales are happening. Because the writers and OH, RODNEY, you poor BABY, TV hasn't made me cry since Sleeping in Light, which made my DAD cry and my mother refuses to even watch ever again because it was so unspeakably sad and the bad part about this is, now they're set up for seriously-taken epic storyline and oh, oh, OH they're going to have to get BETTER, you hear that, SGA writers? I've got my EYE ON YOU. Five years from now the series finale had better KICK. ASS.

I have such a weakness for triumph brought about by fucking with the timeline and I'm trying to figure out where the whole let's-arrive-somewhere-to-rescue-someone-but-find-them-already-gone is taken from. I mean that scene with the sonogram was obviously Kira Nerys and Carson's return was obviously Julian but I'm having a niggling feeling in regards to the secondary kidnapping and Rodney, the look on his face, both faces, where you knew he knew, somehow, that if there was a last person standing it was always going to be him (aside: THAT, X-Files writers, was the ending you SHOULD have given the Lone Gunmen. Just in case you were wondering. Hacks.). And then they DROPPED A BEAM ON HIS HEAD! His head had better be okay. All I'm saying. John's gonna feel like such complete and utter shit if he saves Teyla just to have Rodney seriously damage his very valuable brain, after spending all that time with the Sad, Sad RodneyGram and FUCK I just got a story idea and I do not need another one. *bangs head against wall, makes note anyway*

I was trying to decide, before airing, whether the Last Man was Rodney or John, because it had to be one of them, obviously, and now it turns out it's both, oh. Poor Rodney, everything taken away one piece at a time, and that, right there? That quarter-century of obsession because what the fuck has he got left to lose, anyway, Keller was telling him not to waste his life but come on, what's he got left to waste? Let's face it, genius and the few people he was lucky enough to get stuck with in another galaxy and I find I don't even blame Jeannie for giving up on him. What else could he do but use the one thing he had left to try and fix things? NOTHING, THAT'S WHAT. Rodney fixes things. It's what he does. Because he simply couldn't face the possibility of living that life.

And calantha42! Look! Look! Rodney without structure is all quiet and timid! We were RIGHT! Rodney by himself is scared shitless, and all that niceness and smileyness and, all symptomatic of the fact that he had nothing left to define himself, and he had to get it back. He wasn't even rude to Jeannie. He was too busy, he didn't have time. Oh.

I HAVE IT! JAKE SISKO! In... in... (help me out here, mik100!) that one where Sisko dies and Jake is old and stops writing!) And actually I think I like this version better. Wow, they really are incapable of originality and I do love them for it. :)

and I find myself wanting to do nothing but run up and down the hallway shouting OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD and I HAVE NO ONE TO DO IT WITH OH MY GOD OH MY GOD.

I must watch it again in the morning with Mum, once she catches up.

Seriously, usually I can predict Stargate, at least in general terms, because it's always a mish-mash of plots used in other sci-fi, which in themselves are always pretty iconic and archetypal and I have a degree in that, but at the moment I've got nothing. Although possibly that's a result of the rambling litany of OH MY GOD OH MY GOD distracting my critical faculties.


Okay yes obviously I should probably sleep. Oh my god oh my god oh my god.
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