Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Um. Yeaaah.

Dearest fandom: You know how to know you're going overboard? When I am staring at the screen cringing and going: "Dude. Chill. IT'S JUST A TV SHOW."

No, it's not any of you. Just. *headdesk*

Seriously. Coming from a girl who has spent the last five months perpetually using approximately one-third of her brainspace plotting Atlantis fic, that is saying something.

I mean aside from the fact that I'm losing my mind, obviously.

Shut up.

I am now kind of bored of Dead!Owen. Yes yes yes handwaving it away is wanky, but I am SO BORED and I want it to STOP NOW.

I'm always kind of disappointed when sci-fi characters have traditional church weddings. Hm. *shrug* Upbringing.
Tags: i weep for the species, webby

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