Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Still three pages to do.

Including the uploading of mp3s, and the coding of, uh, twelve more stories? But for now I'm going away before my eyeballs dry up again.

Pretty. *pets it*

Things I have discovered: Between 1996 and 2004, I wrote approximately a ZILLION words of fic, a lot of it really, really bad. Hello, years of my life I'll never get back. :)

No more snow! *knocks on wood* Which will be good for when maelie gets here. Wouldn't want her to see Vancouver in such an unnatural state. Rain and more rain, that's the natural state. *firm nod* And I got almost an hour of direct sunlight this afternoon walking home from work, and then walking to London Drugs to buy a printer cartridge afterward. Winter is nearly over! Maybe I can squeeze in a few more minutes tomorrow when I go to the post office.

Seriously, I hate you, winter. Die in a fire. :P
Tags: techwhore, webby

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