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I fail.

Again. At chapter-finishing. But I've got tomorrow off, and I plan to dedicate it entirely to chapter-finishing and website-updating. At least as soon as Dreamhost pulls its head out of its ass. I moved the whole thing over yesterday, but it's still claiming the server is down. Either that or the registration hasn't quite finished transferring yet. Or something. At the moment I'm calling this new-account woes, so we'll see how it goes in the morning.

I've decided that we need to have an SGA con that is not Creation, because Creation is insane and this year there isn't even anyone good going. I refuse to pay $500 dollars for a con being held where I live, if none of the actors I particularly like are even going to show up, and none of the events are anything I haven't done (they're not, I checked). Just. Five hundred dollars? You can stick that, Creation. The entire trip to San Diego last year, including plane tickets, was only about seven hundred, not including swag which was, okay, quite a sizable chunk more. But swag doesn't count! It doesn't! Considering only tickets, the entire weekend was sixty-five dollars. Sixty. Five.

The point is, Creation Con is a gigantic ripoff and somebody should do a Stargate con in Vancouver that is not ridiculously overpriced. Or just a sci-fi-type con that doesn't suck. I admire V-Con and all, but it's pretty decidedly suck-worthy and has been for years. Mostly you want to pet its head and give it a cookie.

Mostly I would like, for once, for there to be a good con in town so that I wouldn't have to spend three times the ticket price on travel and hotel accomodations. Three million people, here. Is this so much to ask? *pout*

Anyway, the point of this was that the roomie and I, as well as mik100, think we should have an SGA mini-con. This isn't just because we all feel we need to socialise more, but it doesn't hurt. ;)

So, locals. Thoughts? Suggestions?

EDIT: Okay so, since I moved the domain, and the domain isn't working, obviously my chandri @ fantasi . net e-mail account isn't working, either. This is really annoying because it's where all my LJ notifications go, so Physics of the Spin (or as I refer to it, the crackiest crack that ever cracked Stargate/Gilmore Girls crossover, yes you heard that right and it's awesome,, though as someone who's written So Weird/Buffy and Veronica Mars/Shirley Holmes you might say my judgement is suspect) got updated and I didn't know, aaah. *grumblemutter*
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