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Birthday on the couch.

Got up late, no presents yet but stole middlesis's fuzzy bathrobe with the stars. Watching Logan's Run, forgot how much fun and how disturbing this movie is. Have no intention of donning real pants today. Birthday privilege. Tonight: cake!

Tomorrow: cake! Probably.

Did find the SGA episode (this morning on ISOhunt, but thanks to those who chimed in with suggestions), and DAMN. Watched it on my parents' couch with headphones in 'cause Dad didn't want to be spoiled, making squeaky noises and laughing at odd intervals. This isn't a spoiler, but Rodney wasn't even in most of the episode, but most of the episode seemed geared towards screaming "gay, gay gay, John is unbelievably GAY." In a really sweet way. Ronon was great in this ep, and I almost fell of the couch laughing when John introduced Ronon to his brother (speaking of which, I never imagined John with siblings, but I can totally accept that he did, now, specially since David was such a prick). And aww, John thought his family never loved him. And possibly he was wrong, perhaps.

Aside: funny radios, wtf? They looked like throat mics. Which are weird, yes? Interesting.

And okay, how awkward was John with Nancy? The first hug? "Here, let me hug you and then put a minimum of four feet of personal space between us." Okay technically that's not slash goggles. That's just John-is-incapable-of-talking-to-girls-in-a-boy-girl-type-situation. I actually rather liked Nancy, liked that she clearly still cared about him while never giving off or inspiring any you-know-you-still-want-me vibes. All the body language and the conversation was about "Yes, okay, this was a mistake, we're past it, we're still good, right? Right?"

Never going to stop going awww at the last scene with Rodney. "I wanted to come with you, but the rotten kids need me." That was so sweet. Even read as purely homosocial, it was just heart-breakingly sweet, in the Rodney-is-trying-really-REALLY-hard-to-act-like-a-decent-human-being, and that makes my heart hurt. Particulalry with that moment of awkward silence where John was staring like he couldn't decide whether to be grateful for the offer or hurt that it didn't come through.

That was a really heavy, wrenching scene, though, and as it needn't have been, I have to wonder what else was being implied there. (Yes, I mean ASIDE from the OBVIOUS. :) John was just being his usual face-twitchy I-do-not-discuss-my-feelings self, but for a second he seemed about to lose that, and Rodney was just agonised, which I have to admit is consistently adorable. He has absolutely no idea how to deal with other people's messy feelings. But, yes. Heavy. Maybe just a reciprocating gesture, like how John was there for Rodney re: Jeannie and he wanted to return the favour, and feels bad he can't. But. *thoughtful face*

A Terminator joke followed immediately by a Lord of the Rings joke. DOUBLE GEEK WHAMMY! And Ronon standing there going "NERDS." John is such a geek. Makes him more lovable. *headpat*

And apparently John went to Stanford. Explains the surfboard, if he grew up on the east coast and then rebelled by doing university in California, OOH HOW DARE YOU. I just really, really love the mental image.

Do we know exactly where the warehouse sequence was filmed? I mean obviously somewhere on the water, but that's not exactly narrowing it down. It looked familiar, is all. And I'm pretty sure the first warehouse sequence was a water treatment plant of some kind, maybe a pulp mill, but there's more than one of those, too. There's an abandoned one in Burnaby, too.

In general, I was pleased. I seriously don't know where people are coming from when they say Joe Flanigan can't act. I think he's very expressive, and this ep, what with all the misery and discomfort, was a really good example of let-me-act-with-my-shoulders. Which I enjoy. Just in general. ^.^

Back to Logan's Run. Stand a decent chance of finishing part 4 of Catalysis this afternoon, should get on that.

And perhaps finding more SGA icons, because clearly I do not have enough.
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