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Things moving and moving things.

I'm sending out the novella tomorrow. Fingers crossed. My first bite on Dawnrise came back a "thanks anyway, but no." Time to send out another dozen. *sigh*

JPod premieres tonight, and my GOD, can I say how buzzed I still am that the CBC is actually making vaguely interesting television again? (*hopehopehope*) Everyone should watch JPod. Yes, I know, you poor Americans do not get the CBC (or do you?) but I suspect it will be torrented. Geek-gaming culture and consumerism and the marijuana trade and moral ambiguity in Vancouver! Whee!

Okay, I guess I could have just said "show set in Vancouver" and saved some words. Watch it anyway. It has Emilie Ullerup in it, who plays Ashley Magnus on Sanctuary (obligatory: WATCH SANCTUARY), and is excellent and clever and also hugs total strangers. We like her.

There's a hug machine. *shoos*

And on another note: AaaaaaaaaaahhhhhGUYSGUYSGUYS, WE ARE TOTALLY ON THE LIST. I know they said we were at Comic-Con but I'm never totally sure with these things and Canadian cities. As it is they're only doing Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver but THAT'S ALL RIGHT BECAUSE WE LIVE IN VANCOUVER, HEE HEE HEE.

Er. Excuse me. Upbringing.

Unfortunately they've scheduled nothing later than February so I'm going to have to be obsessively checking Ticketmaster for the next, I don't know, YEAR.

*hereditary Trekkie squeal of GLEE*
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