Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

A list.

1. I have actually made new comic. It will be up tomorrow morning.

2. I have discovered new awesomenesses inherent in Fodder. Oo, the wonders of the Av mode. Everything's like a chess portrait. ^.^

3. I have been re-watching SG-1 from the beginning. I have made it through1.5 seasons, and have begun making a list (a loving list) of giant plot-holes and inconsistencies. This is possibly indiciative of a character flaw on my part.

4. I have received one additional rejection letter via e-mail, sigh. There's still five out there. I really really need to go to the post office and work out this whole self-addressed envelopes situation so I can start sending out the paper ones.

5. I love my new tripod. The cat is somewhat less fond.

6. Sidebar: It is good that calantha42 returns soon, because Danny seems to think that 3:45AM is the BEST TIME EVER for being nuzzly and purring and bitching up a storm. Hence my a) pushing him off my bed at 4:01AM and b) spraying him the face with the Bad Cat bottle at 4:17AM. BAD CAT. YES, YOU. STOP RUBBING YOUR FUZZY FACE ON MY LAPTOP, IT GAINS YOU NOTHING.

7. Assembly of new bookcase: successful. I spent, uh, four hours yesterday alphebetizing the actual books. The textbooks/comics/weirdly-shaped volumes are now on the old one, and the uniform paperbacks are on the new one. Discovery: I have space for at least a hundred new paperbacks! Um. Not that I'm going to run out and buy them or anything. Er.

8. Wrote a respectable number of words for Marching Lights. Not a very respectable number. But some.

9. Time to start making food for New Year's. This year we're doing the Terminator trilogy, I believe. My new TV card came with actual DVD-making software, complete with a program that makes a proper menu and everything. I did discover the flaw in Windows Media Center: the stupid default bloody file format is completely useless, and it can't be changed, either. So, that was kind of predictable. But the card software records in mpg and avi with a DivX codec, so all is well, even if it doesn't have a guide built in. Well, it does, but it uses a service that doesn't work outside of the U.S. Thanks a lot, America. :P

10. Two more days of vacation. Hello, couch.
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