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Curse you, Cornelia Funke!

Cornelia Funke makes me wish I spoke German. I do not. I find German incomprehensible. Why couldn't she have been a French author? Sigh.

Actually this entire series makes me wish I spoke German. Most of her books do (The Thief Lord is particularly good.). I've been making more of an effort to keep up with recent children's and young adult lit, and I was in the Black Bond one day and there was this enormous red book. And it's about magical books. And magical ink. And reading magical things out of the magical books with magical voices. I mean, come on. Is there even the smallest possibility I wasn't going to buy it?

They had the first two in the trilogy, and I figured well, okay, they were published how long ago? (Okay, I admit I didn't actually check. This was foolish of me.) I'd find it later. Except I discovered the other day that the third book has been published (this past September), but not translated yet. Argh. (They do have the audiobook. It is, ha ha, eighty-five dollars.)

They are, however, making a movie out of Inkheart, and I just now went to look at the cast list. Brendan Fraser as Mo is... okay, well, I don't know what I think about that, because in my head these people are decidedly European, and Brendan Fraser is irrevocably American, so this will be... interesting. (He narrates the audiobook, so at least I'm used to his voice in the Inkworld universe. Don't get me wrong, I like Brendan Fraser. It's just weird.) I have no thoughts on Eliza Bennett as Meggie, except that tee hee, her name is Elizabeth Bennett, god I am such an English Major. Andy Serkis as Capricorn is GLORIOUS AND FANTASTIC, and makes me want to do a dance. And of course no one ever says no to Helen Mirren, hee hee hee.

My doubts: Paul Bettany as Dustfinger. He's a good actor but not at all the type I had imagined. I also fear he may play it creepier than it needs. I am going to look for production photos, perhaps this will change my mind. My second doubt: Rafi Gavron. But that's just on purely shallow appearance reasons and I know nothing about him.

The movie's coming out in March of 2008, almost exactly a month before the third book in the trilogy is released in English. The super-annoying part: I have the first two in gigantic trade paperback, and it will of course be hardcover. This is the really annoying part about picking up series partway in.

I have yet to see The Golden Compass. I am a little scared about it potentially being awful. It's one of those books where things exist in a delicate balance between really dramatic and really over-the-top, for me, and movies tend to amplify that. Further loss of geek-cred: I have yet to see Beowulf. Nobody wants to go with me, woe. :(

Well, maybe next week.

EDIT: Okay, Paul Bettany, you win. At least you look the part.
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