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Contemplating the stupidity of spam companies...

...a list of the subject headings in my spam account:

University Degree Program (I'm already *in* a University, and a real one, thank you...)

Get your FREE Credit report online! (I don't *have* a credit card. Or credit, for that matter.)

chandrim Stop Smoking in 7 Days Guaranteed! (I am *mildly* offended, but more amused at the stupidity. Also, a teeny little bit of contempt. *derisive noise*)

GET BIG, RIPPED & STRONG! (One word: Market research. ;)

Look 10-15 years younger, guaranteed! (Um. No thanks. If I looked four, I'd probably have to drop out of school. Among other things. ;)

Actually, I think I can put down the stupidity of most of these to "no market research". Or even glancing at MSN profiles. Yeesh. *snicker*

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