Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

I was going to make the requisite "In Soviet Russia" joke, but, 14 million people beat me to it.

Jesus Crossdressing Christ.

Why do I feel as though we've been sold off for being too much trouble?

...and that is the extent of my coherent thought on the subject. I'm reserving judgement until the next ridiculously stupid fuckup.

In other news: it snowed like Ragnarok all fucking day long, making the drive back from Ridge into civilisation a truly harrowing thing, and then, as we were coming back from London Drugs this evening, it started fucking raining. (I think I may swear more frequently on this journal, from now on. Y'know, just to erase any ambiguity there might have been over whether or not LJ is intended for preschoolers.) The out of doors is now a messy, revolting, muddy SOUP OF CRAP. And unless it freezes tonight, that very unpleasant drive will be for naught, because the college will be open. Even though ninety percent of the profs will have cancelled classes because they're trapped in the suburbs, and most of the students will be cowering under their beds from the condition of the roads, which rain or no rain will be six inches deep in slush until tomorrow night, at least.

And I am possibly having weather-related asthma today, hooray! Endless dry coughing... haven't had that in a couple of years. Sigh.

I was going to watch White Christmas and make cookies all day, DAMNIT.
Tags: i weep for the species, my people

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