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Proof that my brain is melting

I woke up, looked at the clock. It said 8:06.
I went "Meh?!" because I'd gone to bed at about six am and that's a long time for even *me* to sleep. For about five minutes, I sat on my bed, staring at the clock, my watch, and back at the clock.
And then I realized that upon first glancing at the clock I'd missed the little "AM" light. It was eight *AM*, not eight PM. I'm putting it down to the fog of sleep. And whoever the hell was flushing the toilets in the bathroom (right on the other side of my wall) like a THOUSAND TIMES at EIGHT IN THE MORNING ON A SUNDAY. Not one. Not two. All of them, repeatedly. They must have been doing it continuously for at least five minutes or so, because otherwise it wouldn't have woken me up. I'm surprised anything did at eight am. But then I've become a much lighter sleeper since I got here. They *kept* doing it until I fell asleep again. *growl*

People come back today. Yay. :)

And I've accomplished essentially nothing the whole break. I should shut my hand in a drawer or something. Slacker. ;)

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