Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Oh, Numb3rs, you should know better.

Halfway into season 2, and come up against what I am calling the Gamers Like Guns episode which seems to have become standard for all TV drama. Disturbingly this is the most accurate portrayal of an internet community I've seen thus far, and yet it still culminates by suggesting that everyone who hangs out online is stocking up on assault rifles. I swear, if this episode weren't two years old I would be writing a letter. For fuck's sake.

However. "What flavour of crazy kool-aid do they make you drink when you join the physics department?" has possibly moved up into the top five of my favourite TV lines of all time. ^.^

And is it totally wrong that I have perhaps by accident kinda seen the Larry/Charlie a few times?

I want my snow day. I'm feeling extremely cheated, here.

Also, happy birthday to cocoajava, in case I forget tomorrow. Which I probably will, because I do that.

48287 / 50000 words. 97% done!

Less than two thousand words to go.
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